Like every year the end of January means the comic convention in Angoulême is right around the corner. We will also participate again this year and have a booth in the Para BD tent right by the entrance to the right (as you can see on the plan below):

We will have quite a few new releases and lots of exclusive merchandise like buttons, notebooks, calendars, posters and original art for sale. For details please check our French site and store.

Due to the festival we won’t be making any announcement regarding print versions of our English titles until February. However, we will be publishing most of our books in English in one form or another during 2013. The upcoming art book series OPUS will be in three languages but only available to the UK, whereas TELL will be available to the UK, USA and Australia. For more info and a first look at upcoming projects, please visit our publishing site VIRTUAL GRAPHICS. The engl. entrance will redirect to the engl. Zampano site but we will open the site up to our English readers soon. If you feel adventurous try the French entrance where you can ge a first glimpse at upcoming projects.

I hope to see many of you at the festival in two weeks!