BollerFirst of all I’d like to welcome all Englisch speaking readers all over the world. About half a year ago I started Zampano as magazine-style webcomics site to feature mostly my own works in German. I couldn’t have anticipated the overwhelming feedback I received in the German countries, ranging from newspaper articles to television.

Since I spent the last sixteen years of my life in the USA, in New Jersey to be precise (which is chronicled in my autobiographical graphic novel Endless Sky) I feel a certain closeness to the American comic market and it was my intention to launch the site in English as soon as possible. Most of the Zampano comics don’t fit into a particular genre and are therefore perfectly suited for a readership as diverse as a webcomic audience. Due to the overwhelming demand for print issues we’ll be launching an imprint and will be publishing about three books a year, starting in March 2010. Let us know, if you’d like to see the graphic novels to appear in the US/UK bookstores and we’ll look into it.

During this first week we’ll be putting up all the covers of comics on their respective update day and next week we’ll start serializing the actual stories. Since we have a pretty decent buffer, we’ll be able to guarantee regular updates. You will not get disappointed by the webcomic typical hiatus after six episodes. Once we start with the actual comics next week, I’ll give you the scoop on each particular graphic novel, as well as their length and format. If you curious what to expect, just head over to the German site and check out the artwork. We’ve got almost 200 pages already published.

David Boller