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Endless Sky: A Swiss in America

Updates: Tuesday

In 1992 David Boller left Switzerland for the USA to become a professional comic book. A simple goal turned into a sixteen year long adventure, populated with eccentric characters and accompanied by success and defeat that continue to have a profound influence on his life today. David talks about his experience in the American comic book industry, his struggles with his adopted family and his attempt at getting a piece of the American Dream in an honest and easygoing style. The good, the bad and the ugly. A captivating, new autobiographical graphic novel by acclaimed European creator, David Boller.

Story and Art: David Boller


Updates: Wednesday

The Touareg are the knights of the desert. They can be gentle and kind, but if provoked, also fierce and unpredictable. For thousands of years they survived in one of the harshest climate of the world. But a recent war over the exploits of uranium mines has brought new hardship to the desert people. Persecuted by the surrounding countries, threatened by the ever-growing desert and economically depressed by the exploitation of their natural resources, one question remains to be asked: How are they supposed to survive?

This two books series provides eye-opening and provocative insight into the struggle of the people of the Aïr, the largest mountain chain in Niger.

Story and Art: David Boller

Bakuba and other African Stories by David Boller

Updates: Thursday/Sunday

Bakuba and other African Stories is a collection of African themed short stories by David Boller that were created between 1990 and 2009. From african folk tales to gritty and realistic adventure stories. Though provoking sequential tales that show us a world that despite all its strangeness reminds us of our own humanity. A German verison of this Graphic Novel will be available in March 2010 with an English version to follow.

Story and Art: David Boller

Don Caneloni: Gang War in Little Italy by René

Update: Monday

New York, 1963. Blood and gun smoke are covering the streets of New York. Mafia leaders divided the City amongst themselves and are not only dominating gambling and drug dealing, but also the cops and the politicians. Don Cesare Caneloni is the most powerful and cruel amongst them all. But lately he hasn’t been so lucky and Mexican gangs are moving in on his turf. El Bandido and his brother desperately want a piece of the pie at all cost. And if that wouldn’t be enough, both Don Caneloni and El Bandido have a crush on Lilly Loala, the sultry star of the New York night club scene. But the lady has other plans for her suitors.

Don Caneloni is a comedic and entertaining mob romp that will keep you chuckling while on the edge of you seat.

Story and Art: René

TELL: The Legend returns!

Updates: Friday

Switzerland in the near future of the year 2032. Years of financial crisis and war have brought the once flourishing country to the brink of collapse. The gap between rich and poor has widened to the point where the majority of the people were living in poverty and misery. Violence is the order of the day and the only remaining political party, the SPP (Swiss Party for Peace) has no intention to turn things around and possibly risk their monopoly status.
One day a gigantic creature that seems to have an uncanny resemblance to the Swiss national symbol TELL appears in various parts of the Zurich. Battling criminals and crooks he seems to be on the side of the common people to restore law and order. The citizens see in him the long awaited savior and patriotism awakens again. Finally there is a hero to fight for the rights of the people. But who is this TELL? And what are his true intentions?

TELL is not a historical or literary adaption but a cutting edge superhero story in the tradition of The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen.

Story and Art: David Boller

Katastropolis: The City below the Dam!

Updates: Saturday

Today most people are living in major cities. Besides the rising crime rate and the ever growing garbage piles, there are a lot of other annoying problems to deal with: Unreliable weather forecasts, tedious apparitions and escaped dinosaur babies. In adventurous and surreal episodes Rudolph Perez recounts tales of the ambitions, hopes, fears, dreams and neurosis of the modern homo urbanus in the city Katastropolis over which fate hangs like a decrepit dam.

Story and Art: Rudolph Perez