Born in Zuerich, Switzerland, David Boller was raised on a healthy mix of Manga, French Bandes Desinees and American Superhero Comics. After self-publishing a series of comic books in Europe, he decided to attended the Joe Kubert School of Graphics and Cartoon Art in Dover, New Jersey.

After graduation he worked for Marvel, DC, Acclaim, Wildstorm, Top Cow and Warp Graphics on a variety of titles such as Spiderman, Batman, Witchblade, Magic the Gathering and Star Wars. 1996 saw the publication of his own creation KAOS MOON by Caliber Comics. The successful urban fantasy around a medium and her beautiful astral alter ego was also serialized in the German HEAVY METAL magazine and was collected into two graphic novels by Alpha Comics. In 2008 he moved back to Switzerland to found Virtual Graphics and Zampano, Switzerlands first professional webcomics magazine.
Today David lives with his wife Mary Hildebrandt and his three dogs outside St. Gallen and enjoys success as an international Comics/Manga and Storyboard artist.

Comics: Endless Sky, Bakuba, Aïr and TELL


Rene Lehner lives and works as a professional comic and book author in Zürich and Hamburg. His graphic novels have been published by every major German publisher (Carlsen, Ehapa, Goldmann) and his strips have been printed in many of the larges newspapers and magazines. His most popular character BILL BODY was turned into over eighty animated half-hour episodes, which resulted in a multitude of merchandise products.

His current series PEACH WEBER, WILLY and ZOO KLAMAUK continue to be released in German. In 2007 he published the illustrated juvenile magazine LESEKAKTUS with renowned editor Andreas C. Knigge, with whom he had previously co-founded the popular comic trade magazine COMIXENE.

During the last few years Rene Lehner concentrated his efforts on writing young adult novels and in 2008 his first novel Help from the Future was published. His brand-new graphic novel Don Caneloni is his first comic-related project in many years. He plans to release it on the web, as well as an app for the iphones. All artwork has been created digitally with a Wacom Cintiq and Manga Studio FX.

You can find out more about Rene Lehner at: und

Comic: Don Caneloni


Rudolph Perez was influenced by the German pioneers like Escher, Wäscher and Nickel, the classic American artist like Barks, Foster and Raymond and French contemporary creators like Franquin, Giraud and Mézières.

After countless, mostly unpublished short stories he and some friends founded “ZEBRA, the sophisticated German Comic Magazine“. Its adventurous and smart stories were geared towards a grown-up and adult audience. In 2001 ZEBRA won the prestigious ICOM-Independent Comics Award. So far over 17 issues of ZEBRA and a few specials have been published.

Starting in 1999 he created the sci-fi comic book series COMMANDER CORKabout a famous administrator from Planet Meta-Pengo and his endless struggle with mouthy mutants, lazy robots and obnoxious laws. Further publications include: „All Systems okay” and the ZEBRA-Special: „The Perfect Moment”, as well as volume 6 of the anthology series SWIFT PROCESECUTION (2001, Gringo-Comics).

Rudolph is considered a to be a pioneer of the German independent and fanzine scene as well as a forerunner of author driven comic books with sophisticated Stories and Writing. Rudolph Perez is living in Cologne today and works as a writer and illustrator.

Find out more about Rudolph’s comics at: Gringo Comics.

Comic: Katastropolis